Occupational Health & Safety Policy

It is the prime objective of WINSTON AIR CONDITIONING & ENGINEERING (HK) COMPANY, LIMITED (WACE) to provide a healthy and safe working environment to all its staff and workers working under its control.


To achieve its objective, WACE operates an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) management system that complies with the requirements of both the Factories & Industrial Undertakings Regulations and OHSAS18001:2007. 


WACE ensures its OH&S management system and related matters:

-   be one of the prime responsibilities of line management, from the most       senior executive to the first-line supervisory level;

-   be communicated to all persons working under the control of WACE to

    ensure their understanding and implementation of the Company’s

    Occupational Health and Safety Policy by all levels of staff as well as site


-   be available to interested parties.


WACE further commits to ensure all reasonably practicable measures be taken to:

-     keep accident rate below 0.6 per 100,000 work hours.

-     provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement the policy.

-     provide all level of employees and workers with appropriate training and

      information to make them competent to carry out their duties and

      responsibilities effectively.

-     provide and maintain plants, places and systems of work be safe.

-    effectively control, co-ordinate and monitor the activities of all sub-

     contractors in respect of health and safety.

Managing Director



為達至所定目標,本公司現已制定並執行一套符合法例法規〔F&IU Regulations〕及 OHSAS18001:2007 標準的“職業健康及安全”管理系統。



-    成為所有管理員工 (由最高領導至前線管理員工) 的主要責任;

-    已被傳達至在本公司組織管制下工作的所有員工及施工工人;

-    公開於有興趣的人仕。


本公司並承諾確保採取一切合理可行之措施逹致  :-

-   保持意外率低於每十萬工作小時之0.6。.

-   提供充足和適當的資源以執行職業健康及安全政策。

-   提供適當之訓練及資訊予各階層員工使他們有足夠能力並有效地執


-   提供並維持具安全條件的機械、工作場所和工作糸統。

-   有效地監管及協調所有承判商於施工時遵守各有關健康及安全的需